Design Ranch 2023 Workshops

We’ve wrangled up the best workshop leaders from across the land to deliver unique, engaging programming.


with Oen Hammonds

Let’s unlock this 19th century photo printing technique with some hand lettering and found objects. In this beginner’s level workshop we will compose layouts with hand drawn lettering, found objects, plants and natural objects before transferring and exposing your layout on your photosensitive paper. With this introduction you’ll be just dangerous enough to venture out into a new hobby.

About Oen

Oen Michael Hammonds, a designer, mentor, and IBM design technical leader, has designed across the gamut—services, advertising, graphic, interactive and environmental. Oen works with the IBMer Experience team to drive the design and implementation of impactful employee experiences by increasing alignment and integration between HR programs, organizations, and tools while focusing on the needs of IBMers. In this role, Oen works with his team to facilitate strategic projects and experiences that transform IBM HR to build iconic, high quality crafted products and services with human-centered experiences.

Outside of IBM, Oen is a community leader in many aspects. From teaching design to being a chair on the national board of directors of AIGA, the largest organization of design professionals. Oen enjoys helping others be their best selves in their design career and everyday life.

Photograph of workshop leader Oen Hammonds.

Get Gelli! Monoprints

with Judy Schulz

These soft, floppy slabs of amazing-ness will become one of your favorite printmaking tools. In this workshop you’ll discover unique ways to create letterpress-like print originals using GelliArts® plates with different weights of paper and paints. Create a Field Notes sized, hand-stitched, die-cut, dot grid notebook.

About Judy

Judy Schulz Instagram

Judy is Austin’s resident paper enthusiast and former “brand ambassador” at Olmsted-Kirk. A veteran in the industry for the past 30+ years, her career has taken her from print design, the paper mill to paper distribution. Named a AIGA Fellow in 2015, she works for Lindenmeyr Munroe who acquired O-K in 2018. Her paper story was published in Uppercase Magazine. She regularly consults with creatives on their printing and paper choices. Judy is a card-carrying member of AIGA.

Photograph of workshop leader Judy Schulz.

Greetin’ Carves

With Ariel Spiegelman

Step away from technology and learn the timeless art of relief printmaking with artist and educator Ariel Spiegelman. This workshop is perfect for beginners and seasoned artists alike. Each participant will make a unique edition of high quality, hand-printed greeting cards. We will practice relief printmaking (carving into a surface) with linoleum and have the opportunity to add color using processes such as reduction printing, multiple blocks, and chine-collé.

About Ariel

Ariel’s Instagram

Ariel is a printmaker and educator who currently resides in Austin, Texas. Ariel is the Art School Manager of Registration at The Contemporary Austin, and aims to make art making accessible to folks of all ages and backgrounds in the Austin area. As an Art School faculty member, she teaches kids and adults classes from ages 4 to adult. Ariel makes prints in her home studio, where she has a small printing press. She makes art to organize and restructure her surroundings in a charming and thoughtful way. Her goal is to enable the viewer to invent their own narrative, which may or may not reflect her original intentions. Ariel utilizes the structured yet random process of printmaking to escape from the chaos and reality of the world, while simultaneously creating her own curated version of it.

Photograph of workshop leader Ariel Spiegelman.

What a Relief!

With Dirk Fowler

Not one to follow the rules, Dirk says he’ll print with anything he can cram through the press. Forget about perfect alignment and registration. Slow down and get analog! Make relief-printed poster mashups on antique proofing presses using vintage wood and metatype, old ad cuts and new-fangled laser cut blocks.

About Dirk

Dirk’s Instagram

Dirk Fowler is an Associate Professor of Art in Graphic Design at Texas Tech University and one half of f2design, an award winning design and printing studio in sunny Lubbock, Texas. He has created letterpress posters and illustration for clients such as Wilco, The New York Dolls, Columbia Records, Wired, Billboard, Texas Monthly and The New York Times. His work has been awarded by the American Advertising Federation, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Type Directors Club and Society of Publication Designers and has been highlighted in the WalStreet Journal, Novum, PRINT, Communication Arts and numerous books including the Art of Modern Rock, New Masters of Poster Design and Impressive. He has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in museums and galleries around the world, including internationaposter exhibitions in China, Mexico and Bolivia.

Photograph of workshop leader Dirk Fowler.

Fluidity & Permanence

With Jasmine Dunn

This workshop will take you through the basics of creating resin art and fluid acrylic paint pours. With the resin, attendees will create a set of 4 coasters featuring Texas wildflowers that were locally sourced. With paint pouring, you will create canvases featuring the colors of different Texas wildflowers. You’ll be able to explore your fluid creativity and the use of color in both of these bright and colorful workshops.

About Jasmine

Jasmine is a 25 year old resin artist that started her business/ creating art during the pandemic. After 2 years of working for the homeless, she quit her job and decided to pursue her quarantine craft full time. She considers herself to have many different modes and is always exploring new and fun products. She sees the energy of her products as being classy with a psychedelic twist, focusing on functional art, things that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful around the home by using real dried pressed flowers, wooden figurines and paper insects.

Jasmine’s Instagram

Photograph of workshop leader Jasmine Dunn.
Photograph of workshop leader Jasmine Dunn.

Leather Ranch

With Dallas Hudgens

Leather Ranch 2023 is an introductory leather working class perfect for beginners. You will learn all the basic elements of leather working such as tooling, assembly, and dying. With these base skills you’ll have a solid foundation to try your own leather projects at home. 

We’ll have two projects to choose from, a beverage holster that goes on your belt or a small pouch like a coin purse. Be sure to bring a belt so you can test out your creations! 

For those with some leather working experience or who have taken this class previously, Dallas will show you a few custom tooling techniques. 

About Dallas

Dallas’ Instagram

Dallas Hudgens currently works as a designer at IBM, but crafting has been a passion of hers since childhood. She is an avid maker and collector of hobbies. Dallas really enjoys the creative process, learning new skills, and trying new techniques. She has dabbled in all sorts of crafts like sewing, pottery, resin, jewelry, embroidery, painting, and more. 
Dallas has been working with leather since 2016 when she fell in love with Renaissance festivals. She has made arm bracers, purses, and unique clothing pieces. In 2018 she created a leather bra which was accepted into the Art Bra Austin runway show to raise money for charity. To keep up with her next crafting adventures, follow her on Instagram. Also check out her brand new small business at

Photograph of workshop leader Dallas Hudgens.

Calligraphy Y’all!

With Amanda Reid

It’s time to brush up on your calligraphy skills with workshop leader Amanda Reid! She’ll cover all the basics: how to hold your brush pen, the supplies you’ll need, basic strokes and the brush lettering alphabet. By the end of it you’ll know how to connect letters to form words while learning how to use modern calligraphy on a variety of surfaces including wood, fabric and paper. Join in as Amanda spills the ink with her favorite tips from years of practice.

About Amanda

Amanda Reid is a modern calligrapher, workshop instructor and Doctor of Physical Therapy. She is the owner of Amanda Reid Designs, a modern calligraphy studio based in Austin, TX that specializes in providing calligraphy and engraving services for events and brands. Amanda also shares her passion for calligraphy with others by hosting fun, interactive workshops to teach aspiring letterers how to use brush pens and/or dip pen and ink. Amanda is also the founder of Calligraphers of Color, an inclusive online community that provides resources for and highlights minority calligraphers and their businesses.

Photograph of workshop leader Amanda Reid.

Would Ya’ Lather?

With Emlyn Roesler

In this introduction to cold process soapmaking, Emlyn of Solid Soaps will explain the basic chemistry of soapmaking, tools and ingredients, and safety precautions to create your own customized soap using natural colorants and botanicals. Because soap needs to sit for at least 24 after the pour, you will come back the next day to unmold and cut your soaps.

About Emlyn

Solid Soaps Instagram

Emlyn is a Filipina-American and a Texas native. The idea for soapmaking started in 2013 when she wanted to make presents for Christmas, and Solid Soaps came to fruition in April 2018. Prior to soap making, she was an advanced practice nurse in cardiology, and she left her nursing career of 14 years in April 2021 to grow Solid Soaps full-time. Emlyn is active in her AAPI and local community. She is the event champion for the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce (GAACC) Women’s Club, a member of Austin Business Women (ABW), winning ABW’s Artist of the Year in 2021, and has helped curate local artisan markets in Austin. Solid Soaps offers private soap making lessons in her studio, affectionately nicknamed “Stu,” and you can find her soaps in local, small shops in Austin, as well as online at Follow @solid.soaps on Instagram for regular posts about the soap making process.

Photograph of workshop leader Emlyn Roesler.

Acrylic Country Adventures

With Brianna Auguste

Get over the fear of a blank canvas and let loose! Drop tech, strict rules, and self doubt. This workshop will take you through the basics of intuitive acrylic painting to create a hill country landscape from heart.

About Brianna

Brianna’s Instagram

Brianna is an intuitive mixed media painter, art educator, & astrologer based in Austin, Texas. She’s an entirely self taught artist that dove into creative entrepreneurship at just 17 years old. Now, she works professionally with watercolors, gouache, acrylics, oils, & epoxy resin alongside countless other materials. Brianna’s artwork can be described as “Psychedelic Barbie.” It’s a glittering balance between hyper feminine Lisa Frank-like aesthetics, vs. more introspective or somber themes of spirituality and mental health. Besides a passion for painting, she also runs a business education page for artists on Tiktok, and offers local art classes in Austin, Texas.

Photograph of workshop leader Brianna Auguste.

Fun with Frida: Embroidery Workshop

With Chelsea Craft

Join Craft Made Goods, Chelsea Craft in a delightful workshop to learn the basics of hand embroidery. She will teach you a number of decorative stitches and give you some tips and tricks to advance your stitching skills.

About Chelsea

Chelsea’s Instagram

Chelsea Craft works in embroidery which has been regarded as a dying folk art meant for your Nana. However, this isn’t your Nana’s embroidery. Chelsea finds inspiration in modern architecture, fashion, nature and textiles. She loves creating unique color palettes which sets her apart from other artists. People generally purchase her pieces to give others as a thoughtful unique gift. Chelsea loves that she can be apart in giving such an original gift and making people happy with every tiny stitch.

Photograph of workshop leader Chelsea Craft.

Gonzo Drawing: Creating in real-time and space

With Ami Plasse

Explore the practice of “Gonzo Drawing”, real-time drawing and painting in active environments. We will start with a quick discussion of the topic —techniques, inspirations (Ralph Steadman, a fav!), approaches — and how it can influence what we create stylistically and conceptually. Then we will dive into the good stuff — the field work — capturing what we see while exploring Camp Waldemar and all that is happening during Design Ranch. We will revel in the Gonzo process and then regroup to share and discuss what we have captured and ideas around extending it as a larger project or ongoing body of work.

About Ami

Ami’s Instagram

ANGRY CLOUD > DESCND started with a rudimentarily drawn character using recycled cardboard, a material that is not only easily available but also comes with a life and story of its own that ANGRY CLOUD > DESCND’s creator often incorporates into his work. As he progressed, he used other reused materials while exploring and refining ANGRY CLOUD itself, using it to express both passing feelings as well as more concrete ideas.

Photograph of workshop leader Ami Gonzoviz.

Print as Your Voice

with Bavu Blakes and Industry Print Shop

In this workshop, designers will consider who they are, who they think they are, and what they think is important to create with intent to “move the crowd” with their art.  Participants will explore the power of typography and screen printing to create meaningful posters that can be used to spread awareness and inspire change.  We will compose a powerful message with bold typographic design and use hand-cut stencils to screen print the final product.

About Bavu Blakes

Bavu’s Instagram

Bavu Blakes is a Scholar Emcee deliberately walking through the intersection of Hip Hop, education, and spirituality. He is an award-winning education consultant, musician, and author whose picture book El’s Mirror is co-authored by his 11-year-old son, Ellison.

Blakes is the founder of the Hip Hop Grew Up educational agency,  and a songwriter whose studio collaborators include several Grammy-winning producers and musicians. Accordingly, Austin mayor Steve Adler proclaimed April 23, 2015, as Bavu Blakes Day to a capacity crowd at City Hall.

About Tony Diaz from Industry Print Shop

Industry Print Shop’s Instagram

As the founder of Industry Print Shop, Tony Diaz has cemented himself as an authority on all things screenprinting.

After starting his print career as a means to produce his own band merchandise, Tony identified the uniquity of his position and was able to quickly develop a reputation for providing quality printed goods with the additional distinction of being a career artist.

Establishing himself as a printer and businessman that shared a commonality with his clients allowed Tony to closely connect with the cultures and individuals that depended on his expertise to propel their brands and ultimately provided him with the groundwork for what would become Industry Print Shop

Armed with an artist-run crew and the mantra #CantStopWontStop, Industry has dominated the world of paper and apparel for the last 16 years and is on a hell-bent ride to redefine what a print shop can be.

Photograph of workshop leader Bavu Blakes.
Photograph of workshop leader Tony Diaz.

Water World Wayfinding

with Anne Bollman (Sponsored by Skillshare)

Illustrated maps are in high demand for both products and publications. Even for a seasoned illustrator, the first time creating a map can be daunting. In this workshop you will learn a series of steps that simplify and break down the process of planning your map so that you can focus on the fun part – painting it! The workshop will cover basic watercolor techniques so that you can create a map that is worthy of hanging on your wall.

About Anne

Anne’s Instagram

Anne Bollman began her career in architecture and interiors, where she designed spaces for corporate clients such as Live Nation Entertainment, The Recording Academy and Participant Media. She went on to be a lead designer for a large gift and stationery manufacturer and had her designs sold in stores such as Barnes & Noble, Papyrus and Pier 1 Imports. With these ten years of diverse corporate experience, Anne brings an informed yet fresh perspective to product design. 

Photograph of workshop leader Anne Bollman.

Pressed for Time: Reductive Screenprinting

with Zak Crapo

Reductive screenprinting? On a clock?? Yes! In this workshop we’ll utilize reductive screenprinting techniques to design and print artwork on a real clock (some assembly required). Attendees will use one screen, a squeegee, and various stencil-making tools and materials to create their artwork. You’ll learn how to build a stencil and strategically reduce its print area to add texture, pattern, or entirely new visual forms.

About Zak

Zak’s Instagram

Zak is a designer, printmaker, and hobby collector. By day, he leads the visual design efforts for IBM’s Watson-powered virtual agent service. He moonlights as partner, proprietor, and janitor of Goody Bag— a small Austin-based (and water-based) print shop. His friends will tell you that he likes to wear a lot of hats. He’s a U.S. patent holder, aspiring woodworker, teacher, student (thanks, Corita), and lover of art. He enjoys traveling if it involves climbing somewhere new, or seeing those funky Australian blokes sing about the fourth colour.

Photograph of workshop leader Zak Crapo.