COVID Policies

COVID Policies

COVID Policies

Design Ranch 2023 will look a little different than events pre-pandemic. The Design Ranch Board and Camp Waldemar staff are taking every precaution to make sure attendees will have a safe and fantastic experience. But we won’t be able to do this without your cooperation, fellow ranchers.

Our enhanced health and safety measures are designed to create a space where we can live together outdoors, still build a sense of community, and make some cool stuff while we’re at it.

General policies

  • As an attendee, we ask that each rancher reads through our code of conduct, where we have added a COVID Commitment. Attendees will be held to the code of conduct as well as the COVID Commitment when attending DR 2023.
  • We are closely following CDC guidance for all things COVID-19. These items are a moving target, so we will keep attendees updated as their guidance updates.
  • Attendees are asked to engage in low-risk activities 5-10 days before arrival.
  • Attendees are asked to supply their own masks. We will have a few on hand, but will not supply masks for every attendee, multiple times a day. Have reusable washable ones? AWESOME. Bring em all! Show ‘em off.
  • If you’re flying in from out of state, please follow the COVID Commitment
  • The ranch has multiple hand washing stations throughout the property. We ask ranchers to maintain healthy hand washing habits throughout the event.
  • A few of you will be bunking up with friends or soon new-to-be friends. Communicate with your bunkmates on whether or not extra precautions need to be taken. While towels are provided by Waldemar, we ask ranchers to use their own designated towel for showers, hand washing, face washing, etc.
  • Waldemar staff, DR board members, and volunteers will be diligent about wiping down communal supplies and areas.
  • Bathrooms are communal, so respect the space. No crowding in the areas, and please wash hands and dispose of paper goods respectfully.
  • Are vaccines required? No, but HIGHLY recommended.
  • While testing is still a moving target, know that we will have rapid tests on hand at the ranch set aside for those showing symptoms or emergency cases. We also have a plan if a rancher happens to test positive.
  • Because of this updated policy and increased risk, we are limiting in and out traffic during the event. So if you need to bring in cold dranks or other supplies, be sure to plan ahead! Grab them ahead of time!
  • On-site rapid testing – We will have on-site rapid testing for emergency cases.
  • What if someone tests positive while at camp? – We will have a RN on-site to help provide guidance around a plan and procedures.

Arrival policies

Arrival onto the ranch will look a little different this year some previous years. Our board is still working out the logistics and details about the testing plan, but PCR test results will NOT be required this year. We will have a rapid test station situation set up upon arrival — More to come with this. Our board as well as the fine folks at Camp Waldemar want to mitigate as much risk to you and your personal health as possible.

If you have any questions regarding any of the policies, please message us at